3 Handy Septic Services You May Not Be Aware Of

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

When people think of septic services, they think of the basics, such as installation and repairs. You might not realize that there are a lot of additional septic services out there. In fact, our team at Southeastern Septic, LLC offers a broad range of septic services, providing something for everyone in Lakeland, FL.

3 Handy Septic Services You May Not Be Aware Of

  • Real Estate Inspections- Real estate inspections are one of the most unique septic services we offer. Use this service if you are buying a new home. We can inspect the entire septic system before you make the purchase, so you will only buy a home with a healthy system. That will save you a lot of money down the road.
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    Grease Trap Installation- Grease trap installation is another of the septic services we offer. While restaurants commonly get grease traps, you can also get one for your house. This is a great way to protect your septic system. The more you can protect your system, the longer it will last and the fewer problems you will have, so this is a great idea.
  • Drain Field Repair- Drain field repair might sound like a common septic service, but it really isn’t. A lot of companies write off the drain field as soon as it stops working and insist on replacing it completely. However, our team at Southeastern Septic, LLC has the training needed to repair many problems with drain fields.

There is a lot more to a septic system than most people realize. Because of that, there are quite a few services available such as septic tank pumping. That makes it easy to get everything you need out of your system. Contact us today for more information about the different septic services we offer.

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