3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Septic System Maintenance Tips

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

There are 3 good reasons why you should be proactive when a professional gives you septic system maintenance tips.

Septic System Maintenance TipsThe first is money. A failing system is expensive to replace or repair, and improper maintenance is a common cause of premature failure. The amount of money you spend on preventative maintenance is very little when compared to the price of a new system.

The second and most important reason to listen to a professional when he gives you septic system maintenance tips is the health of your family, the environment and your community. When a septic system fails, improperly treated household wastewater is released into the environment. Contact with raw human waste poses a serious public health risk, and untreated wastewater from a failing septic system can poison nearby groundwater, wells and sources of drinking water.

The third reason to take heed of septic system maintenance tips is to sustain the economic wellbeing of the community. Failing systems can cause property values to drop, and building permits for these properties often cannot be issued. Also, failing systems contribute to the pollution of local shorelines, lakes and rivers that people in your community use for recreational activities.

Septic maintenance can be compared to vehicle maintenance because all it requires is a little effort to save a lot of money down the line. An annual inspection of your tank and drain field is recommended to ensure everything is working well, and to establish when the tank needs pumping.

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