4 Signs it’s Time for a Sump Pump Replacement

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandNovember 7th, 2022

4 Signs it’s Time for a Sump Pump ReplacementIf a sump pump isn’t working properly and shuts off, this can lead to an accumulation of water in your home’s basement or crawlspace. In worst case scenarios, this system failure can cause mold, water damage, or structural damage. To avoid this, it’s best to learn the signs of a sump pump that is aged, damaged, or overworked. Here’s how to know when sump pump replacement might be in your near future:

  1. Operating too frequently: Your sump pump activates whenever water enters your home’s lowest point. Most sump pumps turn on two to three times a day, although the cycle will vary depending on factors like the slope of your home’s foundation, plumbing issues, high groundwater, and snowy or rainy weather. If you notice your sump pump cycling every 30 seconds for over two to three days, this could be a sign that it is broken, clogged, or not large enough to process your home’s water needs.
  2. Not turning off: If you notice your sump pump is continuously operating, this could mean your motor is not powerful enough for the volume of water it processes or distance it reaches. In these scenarios, it’s best to upgrade to a larger sump pump that can accommodate more gallons per hour. To avoid possible sump pump failure, you may want to look into a sump pump replacement.
  3. Noisy: If your sump pump is not performing up to par, you may hear odd noises emanating from the system. Effectively functioning sump pumps do not sound louder than a low hum. Unusual sounds can indicate that your sump pump’s motor or impeller are aged or in need of replacement or repair.
  4. Accumulating water: You depend on your sump pump to absorb the impact of all types of accumulating water — downpouring rain, seeping groundwater, and melting ice alike. When you begin to notice water collecting in your home, especially in areas like your basement or crawlspace, this is a sign that your sump pump is no longer operating properly to absorb the impact of incoming water. Sump pump replacement can set you up for better control of the excess water.
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