The Big Stink about Dirty Commercial Grease Traps

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Grease traps aren’t the nicest of topics to discuss, but they are a vital component in any food establishment. Quite often, people are sitting in a restaurant enjoying a delicious meal when they are assaulted by a foul odor caused by the owner not maintaining his or her system for collecting oils, grease and food waste from cooking.

food traps box

Poorly maintained grease traps produce odor caused by bacteria living in waste matter at food establishments. In summer, the heat increases their activity, making the situation even worse.

While some cleaning chemicals can reduce odor, they actually have to come into direct contact with the source, and this is where the problem lies. In most cases, the chemicals are not able to penetrate into the food waste removal system well enough to address the problem. The best solution is to call a company that cleans grease traps professionally.

Cleaning grease traps is dirty work. It requires specific equipment, and the waste has to be disposed of in a legal manner. A small unit can be scooped out, but a larger one needs to be pumped out. Extreme care must be taken to avoid a spillage, which could contaminate other areas of a commercial kitchen. This is a job for a professional contractor who can safely empty, clean and service the unit.

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