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Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Grease Trap Installation
What is a grease trap? A grease trap can be part of your septic tank system. It helps to catch greasy materials that would otherwise clog up your drain pipes. Grease traps are more closely associated with commercial buildings, particularly restaurants because of the large amount of grease that comes with serving food. However, a grease trap installation is also beneficial to any residence, and here’s why. When you think of a grease trap, you think of bacon grease or used oil, right? It’s not just limited to that. Other materials that will fall into a grease trap include soap, bath oils, and lotions and other substances beside food.

We can help you with the grease trap installation process. Adding this installation will ensure that your septic tank continues to run smoothly and prevent flooding as a result of clogging in your system. We’re all human and don’t fully realize what goes down the drain and how it can affect the septic system.

The septic waste elimination process includes not just waste that goes down the toilet, but also anything that goes down sinks. Your septic tank breaks and treats all materials before the final treated residue is release. Grease traps are part of the final process before the treated residue is released into the ground. The grease trap catches heavier materials such as grease, lotions, soaps, etc., so they don’t clog up the drain pipes.

Once the grease trap is full, give us a call and one of our experts will be there to empty your grease trap and do a quick inspection to ensure your trap is performing adequately. For more information about grease trap installation or anything else, give us a call today!

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