Hoot Septic Systems: Designed to Meet the Strictest Environmental Regulations

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Hoot Systems, LLC specializes in the manufacture and development of wastewater treatment solutions that meet specific regulations for environmental conditions– not merely products.

Hoot Septic SystemsHoot residential septic systems have evolved, due to the company’s concern about the detrimental impact that mankind has had on the environment. Therefore, in order to meet stringent local, national and state regulations, Hoot offers 4 main product lines:

  1. LA-Hoot: The most basic system
  2. H- Series: Complete ammonia conversion
  3. Hoot-NR (BNR): Through recirculation, biological nitrogen reduction is added.
  4. Hoot-ANR: The most sophisticated treatment available

Hoot’s commercial septic systems and water treatment equipment does not merely comprise of multiple residential units – it includes a full line of site-specific, custom products to meet the demanding requirements of non-typical applications. Starting with the 1,000 GPD and going up to hundreds of thousands, there are products to create complete treatment solutions.

  1. Hoot EA: Basic, extended aeration technology
  2. Hoot MTS: Advanced treatment utilizing fixed media and fine air diffusion
  3. Hoot ANR: Advanced nitrogen removal. Can be added to other Hoot technologies, or available as stand alone
  4. Hoot TECH: Technology with scalable grow-into design and compact footprint
  5. Hoot CMBR: Achieves complete TSS, e-coli and fecal filtration without chemicals

If your home, business, restaurant, convenience store, shopping center, church or school falls outside of the sewer infrastructure in your area, contact us at Southeastern Septic LLC in Lakeland, FL. We have various types of Hoot septic systems, which are designed to treat wastewater and return it back to the environment.

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