Three Important Septic Tank Pumping Tips

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

You want to take care of your septic tank, which means you need to have it pumped on a regular basis. Of course, unless you know what that entails, it will be impossible to care for your tank the way you should. Fortunately, you just need some septic tank pumping tips to point you in the right direction.

Three Important Septic Tank Pumping Tips

  • Get an Inspection- It’s a good idea to get an inspection before pumping your tank. That way, we can see how much sludge you have in your tank. This will give us a good idea of how often you need to pump your tank.
  • septic tank pumping
    Set a Schedule- Once your tank has been inspected, you can set a septic tank pumping schedule. You might need to get your tank pumped every three years, or you might be able to wait five years in between cleanings. There are a variety of factors that go into how often you will need to have your tank pumped. A technician from our team at Southeastern Septic, LLC can go over the specifics with you and help you determine a schedule.
  • Protect Your Tank in Between Cleanings- Once your tank is pumped, you need to protect it until the next service call. That means you should avoid throwing paper towels and other items down the toilet, use your garbage disposal sparingly.

Follow these septic tank pumping tips so you can prolong the life of your tank. A healthy tank will keep your system working for years at a time.

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