Should You Perform Septic Tank Pumping More Often?

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandNovember 7th, 2022

Should You Perform Septic Tank Pumping More Often?
Plenty of septic tank pumping companies out there will give you a ballpark idea of how often you should have the septic tank at your home cleaned out, but since every situation is different, you could need to do it more often. There are several reasons why you might need or want to have it done annually, for example, instead of the typical 3-to-5-year window that most advise. Here are some examples:

•Luxury home- If you have a great deal of money invested in your home, the last thing you want is a septic backup ruining your flooring and other belongings. You can gain peace of mind with annual septic tank pumping, as you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood that the tank ever gets completely full. In addition, an inspection would also be done so you’ll find out about any other issues before they can become problematic.

•Heavy use- There are several scenarios in which your septic tank could be getting more use than is typical. For example, you could have frequent overnight guests, a large family, a home-based business, or a mother-in-law apartment with both you and your tenant using the same septic system.

•Older system- If your septic system is nearing the end of its functional life, it may not be able to handle as much waste as it used to, making more frequent septic tank pumping necessary until you can get around to having the system replaced.

If you would like assistance in determining the best frequency for septic tank pumping for your Lakeland, Florida area home, reach out to us at Southeastern Septic LLC. We are happy to schedule an inspection and get you set up on the best service schedule for your situation.

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