What Can Be Planted Near or Over a Drain Field?

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Grass is the best covering for a drain field because it helps remove nutrients and water from the soil. It also prevents soil erosion. Many people decide to landscape their drain field because they think it’s an eyesore or because of limited space. The challenge is to find plants that won’t clog the drain pipes, while still meeting your landscaping needs.

What Can Be Planted Near or Over a Drain Field?Below are a few tips:

  • Some vegetables have deep roots that can damage drain field pipes, as does rototilling and digging soil to prepare it for planting vegetables. Always cultivate by hand around your drain field area.
  • Some parts of the system may be only 6 inches beneath the surface. Adding 2 to 3 inches of topsoil to the drain field should be okay, but more than this could prevent the exchange of water and air, limiting the drain field’s ability to treat wastewater.
  • Base your choice of plants on the amount of sunlight they need and how much sunlight the area gets.
  • Plants should be low in water needs and maintenance. Also, they should be shallow-rooted.
  • For wildflowers, remove grass in small areas – 6 inches in diameter – and sow in those areas. Don’t plant grass until the seeds germinate and become big enough to compete with grass. Shrubs or trees shouldn’t be planted within 25 ft of the drain field because their roots could damage or clog the lines.

Note: A well-functioning drain field won’t contaminate the soil with disease-causing microorganisms. However, it’s advisable not to plant vegetables over the drain field, since this can make it difficult to tell if a field is working as it should.


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