Safety First: Maintaining Your Newly Installed Grease Traps

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandApril 10th, 2023

Safety First: Maintaining Your Newly Installed Grease TrapsSo, your restaurant or kitchen just got new grease traps. Perhaps there were some issues with the old ones; maybe they were outdated, or maybe you just wanted something fresh for your business. Well, your next step now is to keep your new grease traps functioning efficiently enough to last for years to come. Below are some reminders and tips about grease trap maintenance that are important to be aware of.

First, and most importantly, you need to understand what your grease trap is capable of. The size of a grease trap will determine its cleaning schedule, and knowing why it is there in the first place will help you remember the importance of keeping it clean. Grease traps are essential for kitchens that use large amounts of oil and fat, as they allow you to dispose of these deposits safely and properly. Get to know your system, and you’ll be prepared to take care of it.

As mentioned, cleanliness is important in grease trap care. If grease traps aren’t cleaned regularly, they will start to affect the drainage of the sinks as well, leading to clogs that could at times be dangerous in an active kitchen. Having a schedule for cleaning grease traps is essential to maintain a healthy and safe working environment, and it can prevent problems before they even have an opportunity to present themselves.

If you think you’ve waited too long to clean your grease trap, get to it right away. A telltale sign of grease traps being too dirty is odors leaking out from them. If your kitchen smells off, it could be because of the grease traps, so make sure to maintain them well. Keeping on top of your grease trap care will benefit you and your business, both right now as well as for years into the future.

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