What Do Septic Companies Service? A Quick Guide

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

SepticWhen you hear the work “septic”, you may be thinking of your septic tank, your home’s drain pipes, a grease trap at a restaurant, or a lift station as part of a residential septic system. And, in truth, all of these things are right. So, what exactly do septic companies service, and when do you need to call for professional help? We’ve provided a quick guide to answer this question:

1.   Septic Tanks – This may seem like the most obvious answer because septic companies often provide septic tank pumping and installation for both homes and businesses.

2.   Drain Fields – The drain field is the system which safely allows grey water to filter back into the ground and is an essential part of a septic system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

3.   Grease Traps – Often found in commercial facilities, grease traps are important for efficient operations. Septic companies can assist with maintenance, repair, or installation of these devices.

4.   Sump Pumps – Sump pumps are another item that septic companies can assist with at both homes and businesses.

5.   Risers – Risers allow access for pump-outs and septic system maintenance. Sometimes absent from older septic systems, they are fairly commonplace today.

6.   Effluent Filters – Effluent filters block solid waste from filtering out of the tank and into the water that is moving away from the home. These serve an important function as part of a septic system.

7.   Lift Stations – Lift stations help to move wastewater from a low-lying area to higher ground where it is then processed normally.

8.   Real Estate – Septic companies will also often provide real estate septic inspections to ensure potential buyers that their future home’s septic system is in good condition.

9.   Drains – The drains inside your home or business carry wastewater to the septic tank before it is processed by your drain field. Keeping your drains in good condition is important!

10.  Maintenance – And, of course, septic companies also provide routine maintenance and servicing, so a septic system remains in good shape year after year.

It is important to note that some septic companies only service residential areas, others only commercial system, and some septic companies do both. So, with this list of septic terms and equipment, they may be found in residential, commercial, or both types of septic systems. At Southeastern Septic LLC, we provide all of these services in Lakeland! Contact us today to learn more!

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