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We are proud to say that we can help you with all of your septic needs in Lakeland, FL.

At Southeastern Septic LLC, we are proud to say that we can help you with all of your septic needs in Lakeland, Florida. Whether you need someone to pump your septic tank or help you install a comprehensive septic system on your property, we will be there for you.

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One of the reasons why we are one of the leading septic companies in the area is because our services are highly varied. Our septic services include septic tank installation, drain field repair, drain cleaning, lift station pumps, septic tank pumping, grease trap installations, real estate inspections, and more. If you aren’t sure whether we offer a certain service, give us a call, and we will consult with you to come up with a solution.

Our septic experts are trained and certified to install, repair, and service aerobic and anaerobic septic systems.

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Septic systems have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Ground water can be recharged onsite, making more clean water available for use
  • Septic systems treat effluent naturally, which allows your property to retain moisture, so plants can thrive
  • Septic systems allow you to avoid the high cost of maintaining and repairing sewer lines

Our septic experts are trained and certified to install, repair, and service aerobic and anaerobic septic systems.

Some important septic items you should remember are:

  • Your septic tank should be pumped on a regular schedule, whether it is every year for high-use systems or every 5 years for a small family household. This one routine maintenance task alone can keep your septic system working efficiently for decades.
  • You should always ask about a septic inspection when you have a contractor out to complete septic tank pumping. At Southeastern Septic LLC, we’ll perform this service any time we come to your home or business, but it can be important to ask so you understand fully the condition of your septic tank.
  • Taking care of your home’s plumbing is also an essential part of septic tank maintenance. By making sure to put grease and oils in the trash instead of down the drain, or keeping your toilet free of items that may cause clogs, you can also prevent septic system backups that can create expensive problems down the road.
  • Your drain field serves an important purpose, and you should take the proper precautions regarding this critical component. It’s important not to drive cars or heavy machinery over your drain field, or plant trees and bushes that may impact your drain field negatively.
  • Having an efficient septic system is a critical part of any property in the Lakeland area that isn’t on a city sewer system. You can always ask us about whether it’s time for replacement parts or what you can do to get the most from your septic system year after year.

Issues were handled with respect, urgency and honesty.

“I contacted Southeastern Septic LLC to install a new drain field and septic tank for our home in Lakeland. Wayne was our rep, and he was very polite and courteous. The pricing was very fair, and while we are by no means experts on septic systems, they definitely seem to have held up their end of the bargain so far as we can tell. We had a few issues during installation, as can be expected when you’re doing such a large job that involves digging up half of your yard. Nonetheless, these issues were handled with respect, urgency and honesty. I truly feel had we used another company, this would not have been the case. I definitely recommend Southeastern Septic LLC for your needs and encourage anyone reading this to allow them to do the work over anyone else in town. Thanks.”


-Stephen Whittington

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When you turn to us either to install a new septic system on your property or to take advantage of our septic maintenance and repair services, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our owner, Shane Ray, has over 10 years of experience and will do everything in his power to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work.

Southeastern Septic can cater to all your Septic needs in Lakeland, Auburndale, ZephyrhillsMulberry, Bartow, Polk City, Winter Haven, Plant City, and Polk County. Give us a call today!

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