Septic Problems are Almost Always Linked to the Drain Field.

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Most septic tanks and their drain fields have problems sooner or later. Often, issues occur in periods following heavy rain, with the tank overflowing, effluent appearing at ground level, backing-up the pipes or seeping into ditches.

Septic Problems are Almost Always Linked to the Drain Field.

drain fieldMost common failures and tank problems are due to the drain field and not the actual tank. There is one thing you can be sure about – at some stage, the drain field is doomed to fail! How quickly that happens depends on several factors, including the nature of the soil, how well the system has been maintained, heavy rain periods, the height of the water table, and deterioration of the tank itself.

Typical signs of a failing drain field are:

•    Effluent surfacing on your land.
•    Bad odors coming from your drains or the septic tank.
•    Pollution of nearby streams or ditches with effluent.
•    Gurgling in the drains.
•    Slow-flushing toilets.
•    Overflowing toilets.
•    Overflow at washing machine hookup.
•    Overflow into bath or shower when the sink is discharged.
•    Ground movement near the tank or drain field.
•    The drain inspection chambers contain standing effluent.

Note: All septic tanks require pumping every couple of years. They can only hold so much sludge, which, if it empties into the drain field, will very quickly affect the soil’s porosity, rendering it unable to soak the effluent away, which ultimately causes drain field failure.

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