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Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandApril 8th, 2017

We have been working in the septic industry for more than a decade and can handle just about any drainage problem that comes our way in Bartow, FL.

drainageWhen you are dealing with a septic system, drainage is cause for concern, regardless of where it comes from. Waste and liquids flushed down the drains of your Bartow, Florida property go into the septic tank. The liquids can move out of the tank after processing, but waste stays behind to form a sludge layer. You must schedule routine septic pumping and maintenance to make sure everything can move properly within the tank. Otherwise you might be dealing with a sewage backup, which is never a fun experience. Drain fields and plumbing in and out of the tank can also crack, which can lead to drainage of contaminated water into the ground. This can also damage your landscaping and lead to an environmental disaster.

If you see wet spots in your yard, notice odors coming from areas where septic components are buried, or see that your drains are moving slower than usual, give us a call at Southeastern Septic LLC. We have been working in the septic industry for more than a decade and can handle just about any problem that comes our way, from drainage to tank replacement to new component installation.

We are a rapidly growing company, but that doesn’t mean that we skimp on customer service or high quality work. Our team stays on top of changes in the septic industry, and we are one of the only companies in the Bartow, Florida area that is certified to install new aerobic systems and other components that make septic systems easier to maintain.


If you are in need of drainage services in BartowPolk County, Lakeland, Mulberry, ZephyrhillsPolk CityWinter Haven, Plant City, or Auburndale, give Southeastern Septic LLC a call today!

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