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Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandApril 8th, 2017

We provide comprehensive septic real estate inspections for current owners, prospective buyers and real estate professionals in Polk County, FL.

Real Estate InspectionsYou may not realize this, but when you are buying either a residential or commercial property and you hire an inspection during your due diligence period, one of the things they rarely check on is the septic system. They make sure that drains are flowing and that the toilets are flushing, but they do not generally go any further than that.

If you want to truly know that there are no imminent problems with the septic system for that Polk County, FL property and also to know just how soon you will need to have the septic tank pumped out, the solution is giving us a call at Southeastern Septic LLC to schedule an inspection. We provide comprehensive septic real estate inspections for current owners, prospective buyers and real estate professionals. Often sellers have this done so they can show our report to prospective buyers. This gives prospective buyers the confidence that the property they are considering has been well cared for. By noting that you have this in your listing, you will likely get more interest in your property, which can equate to a faster sale at a higher price.

A new system can be very costly, and it can be disheartening to face that on a property right after you buy it. If you are a buyer, it is wise it to have a septic real estate inspection done on any property before you close on it. If the report shows a problem, you then have the opportunity to negotiate a different selling price or walk away from the deal.

Whether you are a buyer, seller or real estate professional, give us a call today to ask about our septic real estate inspections. The peace of mind you gain is priceless!

Southeastern Septic offers reliable Real Estate Inspections in Polk County, Lakeland, ZephyrhillsMulberry, Bartow, Polk City, Winter Haven, Plant City, and Auburndale.

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