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Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandApril 8th, 2017

If you own a restaurant in Winter Haven, FL or if your home or commercial property produces a lot of grease that must be discarded, consider grease trap installation.

Grease Trap InstallationWinter Haven Grease Trap Installation – If you have a septic system on your residential or commercial property, you may not know how important it is to have a clean and functioning grease trap. When you drain the kitchen sink, this wastewater has small amounts of oil that will become part of the scum layer in your septic tank. If the layer becomes too thick and overloaded with grease, it will block the pipes and could cause waste to leak out, causing damage to the environment. Restaurants in particular often produce large amounts of oil in their wastewater, so their septic systems can become very backed up.

A grease trap is a box that sits between your sink and the septic tank, where it can catch grease before it enters the tank. If you produce higher volumes of grease, you may consider a trap with a higher capacity, so you won’t have to clean it out as frequently. A septic tank expert generally performs grease trap installation to avoid damaging the system.  At Southeastern Septic LLC, we provide grease trap installation to residents and business owners in Winter Haven, Florida and the surrounding communities such as Lakeland, Auburndale & Bartow.

Grease traps can be made of concrete, cast iron, plastic, or stainless steel, and the best grease trap for your home or business will depend on the amount of use.

You can avoid clogging your septic tank by bringing in a technician for grease trap installation. Once it has been installed, don’t forget to clean it out often or schedule routine grease trap cleaning by a professional. This service can prevent problems down the road.

We offer reliable and professional grease trap installation in Auburndale, ZephyrhillsBartow, Lakeland, Mulberry, Polk City, Winter Haven, Plant City, and Polk County.

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