Washing Machines: One of the Leading Causes of Residential Drain Field Repair

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandAugust 20th, 2021

Most homeowners have little knowledge about maintenance of a septic system. That’s why so many systems fail unnecessarily and are in need of potentially expensive residential drain field repair or replacement.

One of the prime culprits for septic system failure is washing machines. The leading cause is lint, which clogs the soil in the drain fields. In fact, a typical family washing machine generates enough lint in 12 months to carpet a whole living room floor!

Nylon socks and lint screens trap less than 5% of these contaminants. Because these minute particles are so light and small, they do not settle in the tank. Instead, they remain suspended and get flushed out to the drain field, where they clog up the pores of the soil bed. This eventually results in the need for residential drain field repair.

To add to the problem, a lot of clothes and carpeting products are today made with synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester. These substances are non-organic, so they won’t break down in a septic tank. Instead, they build up and clog the soil. Once they enter the drain field, there’s no way to remove them.

Fortunately, you can prevent lint from entering a septic system by using reusable filters called septic protectors, which attach to the washing machine’s discharge hose.

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