Why You Shouldn’t Ignore that Drain Field Repair

Septic Services LakelandPosted bySeptic Services LakelandOctober 9th, 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore that Drain Field Repair Do you have muddy, sloshy spots in your yard that always seem to be filled with standing water? Have your drains started draining much slower than usual? Have you noticed that you need to flush your toilets repeatedly after using the bathroom? These are all signs that drain field repair could be in your future.

While it’s easy to put off the need for drain field repair and tell yourself you’ll get to it later, there are several reasons why you should make this task a priority:

•  Ignoring the need for drain field repair can put the rest of your septic system at risk. When you don’t fix your drain field right away, it could impact the way your septic tank and your home’s plumbing function.

•  When wastewater isn’t being treated properly in your yard, it can lead to issues not just with your drain field, but also with the ground water. This can lead to a hazardous situation that is dangerous for others to be around.

•  Not fixing your drain field promptly can lead to a total drain field failure in extreme cases. Minimize the risk of your drain field failing and call us to come and take a look at this part of your septic system quickly.

When you need drain field repair, it’s not hard to get ahold of us and get our team of professionals on the job. We’ll respond to your call for help quickly and get right to work fixing your drain field! Contact us today.

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